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Welcome to the STEM City USA Metaverse.

This is our metaverse, featuring digital twin resources for education, healthcare, entertainment, and professional training. Our platform is growing — increasing interaction between the physical and digital worlds. To do that, we’re mentoring and training students in 3D technologies they might find in the metaverse. Student development is critical, and we want to help pave their path to the future.

That’s why you’re invited to the STEM City Hackathon: Building the Future Today!

We want to hear from YOU! How will YOU make a difference in the future using metaverse technologies? Will it be VR, AR, XR, Mixed reality, or Digital Twins? Will you dream up the next metaverse technology yourself? Create your own city to showcase your endless imagination.

Here’s the Hackathon Challenge: for students grades 8-12.

Build Your Metaverse City with a minimum of 3 buildings.

Create a city that solves one or more of the following issues:

  • Impact on the economy
  • Monetization
  • Socialization
  • Education
  • Idea generation
  • Teaming skills
  • Learning disabilities
  • Innovation
  • Age collaboration – like how do you get Mom & Dad to join you in the metaverse?
  • Technical challenges

You can submit your design in one of three ways:

  • Number 1 - Write a descriptive story (500 words or less) – be creative
  • Number 2 – Paint or Draw your city
  • Number 3 – Use modeling software to create a 2D or 3D rendering

When you are ready to submit your metaverse city, we want you to have a little fun:

Create a short TikTok video describing your city. Be sure to include your first name only, grade, the name of your metaverse city, and what makes YOUR creation great. Want to see an example? Visit STEMCityUSA.com, enter the Education and Discovery Building, and click on the Hackathon image.

Then submit

  • your written story, drawing/painting or 2D/3D rendering
  • your TikTok-style video
  • and a recent picture of yourself

The submission period runs from September 1 through September 20, and voting begins September 21.

Then, tell your friends to visit STEM City USA Education and Discovery Building to vote for your metaverse city!

Finally, join us in person or online at the Women of Color STEM Conference in Detroit, Michigan on October 7 to find out if you’ve won!

The winning Metaverse City will live in STEM City USA… forever!

So, what are you waiting for? Build your future today! The Metaverse is waiting…